Our Team


Steve S. Sommer

  • MD, PhD, FACMG,
  • Chief Geneticist,
  • Medical Director
  • Over 25 years clinical, research and management
  • Developed >30 methods and reagents; patents
  • City of Hope/Mayo Clinic: Directed research Dept of Molecular Genetics & clinical Dept of Molecular Sequence Diagnosis
  • Board Certified: Clinical and Clinical Molecular Geneticist
  • Over 300 scientific publications
  • One of the fathers of nascent industry
  • 1st DNA Sequencing – Sanger (1976)
  • 1st genome amplification- Mullis (1983)
  • 1st direct sequence based medical mutation analysis - Sommer: 1986
  • First clear direct sequence enabled gene challenging that erroneous notion that lousy parenting gave children autism - Sommer (with 2 other labs performing family analysis) (2003)
  • NextGen sequencing - Rothberg (2004)
  • Mutation Shower: 4th basic mechanism of mutagenesis & “Cancer in an Instant” -Sommer (2006)
  • First Genostics focused company - Sommer (2008)
  • First Genostics integrated with pMED company –
  • Sommer (2010)

QinQin Zha

  • MD, PhD, Director of Clinical Mutation Analysis
  • Ph.D., biochemistry and molecular biology, Peking University (the Yale of china).
  • Post-doctoral, Dept. of Neurobiology at the University of California, Irvine and Dept. of Biomedicine, East Tennessee University.
  • Baxter, rich research experience in protein trafficking, neurobiochemistry, cell signaling transduction, assay validation and drug development, a sound foundation for transition to molecular diagnostics and personalized medicine.