Nextgen mutation detection provides a tool to understand the underlying cause of the four Mi IDEA diseases (Mitochondrial Disease, Intellectual Disability, Epilepsy, and Autism). NextGen DNA Sequence Mediated Personalized Medicine (pMED) defines biochemical weaknesses and can sometimes lead to a transforming personalized diet, supplementation, and/or drug therapy. MEDgomics “reads the music of life”. MEDgomics integrates NextGen mediated testing with clinical pMED “from A-Z”.

Is MEDgomics testing appropriate for me or my child?

If you or your child exhibit symptoms relating to Autism, Mitochondrial Disease (Energy Deficiency), Epilepsy, or Intellectual Disability, is any further testing necessary? To help with possible referrals or to address your specific testing requirements MEDgomics can offer a no cost Clinical Genetics MD Consultation to you or, preferably, your physician. For more information please provide us your contact information and a brief clinical and family history to info.pmed3@gmail.com. For more details on MEDgomics testing please click on the "CONTACT" tab in the navigation bar above.

How can we use the results of the MEDgomics tests for treatment decisions?

Currently there is no cure for these diseases, only treatments for symptoms. Thus, treatments and treatment outcomes for each patient or disease vary significantly. Typically a physician will order a test for a patient with a suspected Mi IDEA (Mitochondrial Disease, Intellectual Disability, Epilepsy and/or Autism) Disease and MEDgomics will perform the test to search for a deleterious mutation in the DNA of the patient. The power of testing is enhanced by co-sequencing family members. An example of this customized treatment for a person with Mitochondrial Disease may include vitamins such as coenzyme Q10, alpha lipoic acid, L-carnitine, riboflavin, and creatine monohydrate in conjunction with prescribed medicines.

What about insurance coverage?

Our goal is to minimize out of pocket costs for patients. Private Insurance (PPO) is generally needed for coverage. We can best help you contacting your insurance provider for details on your coverage, however, most PPO plans pay for testing. In certain circumstances, an insurance denial can be appealed if accompanied by a letter of medical necessity signed by the physician requesting the test. In the minority of cases in which PPO does not pay for testing we will contact you. If you are unable to personally pay for testing, the Mi IDEA Has Love Foundation may be able to provide funding for your tests if you qualify for the program. For more information about the Mi IDEA Has Love Foundation please visit http://miideahaslove.org/.

If my tests are delayed, why?

Test results can be delayed for a variety of reasons: Ordering physicians must sign for the test, provide a test request form, and clearly indicate which kind of test is ordered. Unless we receive all the required information, testing will be delayed and the sample will not be run. There may experimental challenges or other issues. This can delay patient results and these kinds of problems are difficult to anticipate. Laboratories face these obstacles. We have quality control procedures to minimize laboratory errors and ensure the highest quality test results for our patients. Performance and analysis of some patient samples are more time consuming than for other patient samples.