About Us


Genostics is not Diagnostics

  • Diagnostics is 98% brute force and 2% or less brainwork
  • Genostics is about 75% brainwork
  • Diagnostics provides "reagents" to physicians: numbers or images for physicians to analyze and  use in patient care
  • Genostics analyzes huge amounts of sequence et al from the family... to generate personalized medicine therapies and prevention for the physician to follow-up with

What We Can Offer!

We offer an array of genetic tests dealing with the Mi IDEA Diseases. Each of our specific tests are labeled with their corresponding Mi IDEA (Mitochondrial Disease, Intellectual Disability, Epilepsy, and Autism) Disease.

MitoMED 1204 looks at the Mitochondrial Genes and is used in conjunction with our other tests.

GenosticsN-Autism is for Autism Spectrum Disorder.

GenosticsN-Epilepsy is for the analysis of Epilepsy.

GenosticsN-ID deals with Intellectual Disability.

MitoGenis specific for Mitochondrial Genome and offers a more in-depth analysis for Mitochondrial Disease.

The Ex20Fu test is our more comprehensive option as it sequences the whole exome and is often recommended for further an/or follow up testing.

Please fill out the form with any questions you may have about what test is right for you and/or your family. We will provide a free MD consultation with our Lead Geneticist, and Medical Director Steve Sommer MD PhD. Additional questions may also be answered in our FAQ.