Genetic Analysis with integrated Personalized Medicine for Autism, Mitochondrial Disease, Epilepsy, and Intellectual Disability

MEDgomics delivers breakthrough personalized treatments, etc, supplements and medications – for a cluster of diseases, initially Mitochondrial disease, Intellectual Deficiency, Epilepsy and Autism (Mi IDEA diseases).

MEDgomics bases its treatment plan on proprietary (i) personalized diet, (ii) personalized supplements and (iii) personalized prevention.

Our Vision and Mission


The 3rd Era of Medicine: The focus of medicine evolves from treating the sick patient to genome-mediated proactive medical management of the family, especially to delay or prevent disease.


To provide Mutation Expert-based NextGen Diagnosis (Genostics) integrated with delivery of patient genome-mediated personalized medicine (pMED) in proactive partnership with the referring MD



Intellectual Disability

Mitochondrial Disease